I miss those days

November 24, 2008
By Zach Trepanier, Milwaukee, WI

I miss the days when your smile used to be free
Nothing holding it back; running wild to me
Now enslaved and restrained and hard to find
The laughter of your smile is only in my mind

I miss the days when your mood was always bright
Always happy to see me, always easy to excite
You would grab my hand before I knew I had a hand to hold
When I reach for you now, your body so cold

I miss the days when your kiss used to be a surprise
When I didn’t have to beg, like you were low on supplies
When your lips used to dance: energetic and wild
Now just a dance with memories, lonely and mild

I miss the days when I would walk with you by my side
Never worried, never lost with your love as my guide
Now I walk alone with cold rain pouring down
I’m in over my head; worried I might drown

Where did these days go, with this love beating so strong
Something crashed, derailed, went terribly wrong
In the destruction, in the rubble with fires ablaze
Tears of loss burn in my eyes… I miss those days

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