Nothing You Can Do

November 23, 2008
By Sydney Lewis, Lake Stevens, WA

bleeding once again
but smiling all the same
every wound that is made
the stronger i get
nothing you can do
will ever hurt me again
i've learned
that you're nothing but talk
so i smile in the pain that you deal
because i know
i'm better then you
stronger too
you've been laughing out loud
while i laugh inside
i'll stop you soon
but for now it's fun
to watch you fail
how does it feel?
to be the one no one likes?
that hate that you carry
is what feeds my strangth
one day you will see
the mistake that you made
and how wrong you were

The author's comments:
Hi I'm Sydney. I wrote my piece "Nothing You Can Do" for a reason. People don't like me. I like the color black and for that i'm shuned. I don't like make-up and as a girl i apperently have to. So i'm insulted daily and no one even tries to stop it. it's all underground if you know what i mean. But "Nothing You Can" shows how i feel about it. I don't care anymore. never really have. in fact in just makes me laugh now.

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Parisagenai said...
on Mar. 14 2012 at 5:17 pm
This was great I can tota;;y relate to what your saying in my own life. Keep up the excellent work!

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