November 23, 2008
By MaKailee Davis, Moore, OK

Why can’t people appreciate things in life
People can always negotiate things they want, but never really appreciate what they have
Life is like a dream, its good and bad up and down, but,
When it is good people tend to hold on to the bad times
People don’t stop to give thanks to what they have and love-
People trick or treat at
Halloween and then people go straight to ripping
Open presents at Christmas
Give me to give me holidays,
What about Thanksgiving
People seem to skip that one
Giving thanks is it a crime
Just to give a little thanks
Where’s the thankfulness that you should have to be with family and friends to appreciate the time together-
The flesh is so weak
The word we compare to the weakness of the flesh
So selfish people can’t thank god for any door he has closed and
Any door he has opened
Family and friends and life-
In general is a privilege
Most people take for granite
In this country,
Its suppose to be the home of the
Free and brave
Do people stop to give thanks to the ones that leave their families to fight for the people of
United States of America
The ones who put
Their lives on the
Do people stop to give thanks
That’s only a question you can ask yourself
Do you give thanks
People are so wrapped up in there little cliques they don’t see it
Should they give thanks
Should they care
Do people,
Who knows if they care,
It should be a given to give thanks
Or appreciation but-
Not giving appreciation to what you have can be powerful enough to destroy they things people
Actually care about

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This article has 1 comment.

dan said...
on Dec. 1 2008 at 10:35 pm
i really enjoyed this poem its like real life and it shows how people act and are i loved it


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