She Is So Gone

April 2, 2014
The aroma coming from the chocolate chip cookies made the house smell like a home.
The skyscrapers and bright flashing lights took her away from the hell she called her life.
Snow stained sidewalks bruised the inside of her toes.
She wanted to stay upon the midnight haze.
Parents of hers stepped off a freight train.
She knew she went crazy when the black shoes upon her feet became her two best friends.
Next year at this time nobody will remember her last name.
All she wanted was the opportunity to feel infinite.
She was as dead as the parents who
Why did she do this? Will be the talk of the town.
Weeks went weary.
Rain started to fall no more bruised toes.
She became a girl she no longer recognized.
The street corner across town became her new living room.

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