Sea Of A Thousand Memories

November 23, 2008
By Amber Shumate, Glen St. Mary, FL

While you sit down reminding your self every where you go,you see a memory playing over and over again..Everyone has them,even me,some you'd like to forget they ever happened and others you'd love to lie around just watching it play over and over again,looking at every detail.There's memories of love,friendship,family,and let's just say happiness and even sadness,writing a story out into display,is like telling that memory of your's.Every story you tell has some part from one,memories travel from here and there,from place to place,near and far,heart to heart,some are secret some are open,some are breaking and just tearing apart.look to the sea and realize its not just a place to visit,its a place full of thoughts,knowing a sea is a thousand miles,so is a mind filled of memories,so a sea of a thousand memories is what I shall call it.

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