Too Small for a Small Town

November 23, 2008
By Christina Roebuck, LaPorte, IN

Friday night couldn’t come soon enough
But time sped up and it was over too fast
If only we had the sense to look around
We would have learned that time doesn’t last

I try to look back, but everything is blurred
Those red eyes couldn’t see all that I had
One thing I have managed to figure out
I had amazing friends and family wasn’t so bad

But we were just too big for that small town,
But now I know we were really too small
Pushed out of sight and out of mind
We wanted to fly but our wings let us fall

We were never home early and you finally had enough
You said it’s my way or the highway
And before you were done we had a bag packed
We slammed the door and were on our way

So we ran like hell from that small town
But the big city was already full
So with tails between our legs we turned around
Maybe small town life wasn’t so dull

The idea of getting out doesn’t sound half bad
But only when you’re 18 and you know it all
Sometimes it takes getting knocked on your ass
To get back up and learn how to stand tall

Now when I look around this town
It no longer seems quite so small
Not all wings are meant for flight
I had it all and I’m glad I took the fall

The wind can blow us out of the air
But the ground is always there to catch us
It might be hard and have some hills
So we just slow down, because what’s the rush?

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