Stop, Drop, or Roll

November 21, 2008
By Haley Meltcher, Smithtown, NY

She dumped it in the dirt,
Hung it out to dry,
Let it shrivel to a prune,
Watched it fall and die.

She could’ve stop the end,
Fixed it at a time,
Made it all stay at good pace,
Prevented the decline.

Completely blind she was,
To what she had screwed up,
But one mistake caused many more,
Isn’t that just her luck.

Entirely her fault it was,
For she didn’t step away.
She bent the rules and melted,
To the older children’s play.

They enticed her with their words,
And said that they were right.
“This is fun, it will not hurt you.”
As if flying a child’s kite.

But this was not the world of kids,
It was more than just some fun.
It was pain lit up with fire,
It was harmful as a gun.

She tried it once and liked it,
Said one more wouldn’t hurt,
But one turned into many,
Her “say no” wall was burnt.

She’d caved to all the pressure,
Did not stand up for her own health.
Someday she’ll have lost it all;
Her family, friends, and wealth.

But not only did she lose those things,
She threw away her life.
Those kids had been as threatening,
As a freshly sharpened knife.

Still the choice was hers,
She could’ve back away.
Just said no as she was taught,
And saved her life, her year, her day.

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