Just Breathe

November 20, 2008
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I sit and stare at my shoes
With the neon orange laces, white writing and black sole
Everyones Talking and laughing,
I look up.
They all seem to be staring at me
I look back down at my shoes and quickly pull my hood down even father and turn my ipod up even louder.
I start to scratch my arm and notice I have goosebumps.
I burning up but freezing at the same time.
Ahh! I can't take this! I wanna scream!
But I can't.
I want to run but
Im frozen in this spot.

He goes around talking to everyone except me.
He comes to my table but its like I'm invisible.
I wish I really was. I'd be better than this.
As I realise Im just haveing a panic attack I tell myself to breathe.
If I fight it, the attack will just get worse and just last longer.
Breathe I keep telling myself and it'll be alright.
Don't think of anything just breathe and it'll go away.
Breathe. Just breathe.

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