Rain Hike

November 21, 2008
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I run down the slanting trail,
Through soaked bushes and bramble
That cling to me like slimy leeches,
And refuse to let go.
I glance behind,
To see no one there,
Just waves of blowing rain
Rippling in the wind.
Thrill buzzes in my chest,
And I face the emptiness in front of me
With new eyes.
Suddenly the bleak mountainside
Has turned into a vast landscape,
Just waiting to be explored.
I dash forward,
The frayed edges of my jeans
Dragging through the mud.
As I run,
My skin dripping with dampness
And sticky flecks of dirt,
All I can hear
Is my shaky breath,
My thudding heartbeat,
And the whistling, rain-drenched wind.

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