What REALLY happened to Little Red

November 21, 2008
By Nick Anagnost, Fairfield, CT

What really happened at grandma’s house?

Is there anything more?
That I hate
Than going over to dumb ‘ol
Gramma’s house for a play- date

She’s been acting queer,
Her features are suspiciously large

She spends all day
Just lying in bed

I could have sworn
That gramma’s even tried to
Take a bite out of my head

Whenever I ask her about her face
She changes the subject
I don’t even think she’s gotten up yet

Her hands are rough,
Kind of smelly

I asked her again about her face
She started yelling about
How she’s had a little work done
And why do I have an issue with plastic surgery?

When she got up and we were making cookies,
Her face fell off!

I screamed,
“What did you do to gramma?”

A person tied up
With a sack over its head
Came out of the closet and onto the bed

‘Sacko’ screamed help
And the wolf hit me with a frying pan
Sending me to the floor

Gramma, using a pair of craft scissors,
Got untied, called the police, and they arrived

Only to find me
Covered in slobber
And my gramma
Fainted on the bed

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