November 21, 2008
Admit to the truth,
go down with your ship
Don't just hear your calling
but also follow it
Take the bull by the horns
and explore yourself
You have a set path
unlike everyone else
Stop putting it off, and accept it...
You cannot run, for it's
right behind you
Like your shadow,
it will always find you
You can yell and scream
but in the end
It'll consume you,
and make you bend
In all directions to form you...
You can fight and fight
but you will lose
You will eventually accept it
and that's the truth
It's not your choice
you can't turn this down
It's not your option
to be turning around
Things about you will change...
I know it sounds scary
but it is the truth
Friends you once had
will soon be gone
Thoughts about life
will fade away
When all is lost
you will move on
And accept your destiny...

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