A Necessary Triumph

November 21, 2008
By Alexis Williams, Jasonville, IN

After years of dissatisfaction
and decades, centuries
of clawing our way up
to equality
there is a resounding voice.
And in response, we spoke out
in multitudes
a million voices finally chanting
the same tune
and being heard.
United we have stood,
divided we would never stand
to be.
we can only hope the battered
who did not survive the
fight are watching from
above, to see the glory of
the moment, feel the victory
in our smiles
and how it radiates through
the air, a pulse so powerfully flooded with pride
it is felt by everyone -
some with hazy numbness,
some with a glorified empowerment,
and others with the deepest denial
and despair.
But unity is what we sought,
and we showed ourselves in numerical
brilliancy, though not for the first time
or for the last.
To answer the question, "could he really win?"
we closed the
final chapter of the mystery.
And the act, celebratory in itself -
is just like us,
always making history.

The author's comments:
This is dedicated to president-elect Obama and all of those who fought and died for the right of African-Americans to live as we are in this country today: proud and free.

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