Riddles To Second Chances

November 20, 2008
By Sonja Nelson, Mt. Shasta, CA

And if you can believe then I will show you
how to use it,
and if you do it well then you will never
be afraid again.
And I know that it is tempting,
to use it wrong and quickly,
because what you do-
it makes no difference,
except to those you do it to,
and if it’s for your benefit,
it’s hard to take it simply.
Because we always loved the laughter
and never cared for sorrow when
everything was crumbling and we
sat behind the building-
smoke trails and bruised ribs, we were
rebels of the love we shared, and you know it
stood for something
when the water washed away the stain,
and left us with the scars of
everyone else and each other’s pain,
crisscrossed across our wrists.
And there are signs amid the ruins.
There is comfort in the fear.
And you’re telling me its all right
but you can’t see or feel or hear.
All you do is smell it-
that danger in the air,
and you are off and barefoot running,
red streaking from your skin as you
fly toward the shadows,
to take them on your tongue and wrap them in your body,
leaving me behind and all our broken memories,
to meet the waiting light for you and
apologize- you’re sorry-
but you fell in love with blood and hatred,
because it has a romantic story.
And what about me? They ask,
because they knew that we were lovers,
and I tell them only that my shoes
are soaked and full of holes now and I
can’t run after fantasies,
of your good gone bad and come back,
because I’m sick and dying in the fortress of the residue
of all that never had been.
And I tell them to count to a million,
just to pass the time,
and they don’t know what the point is.
Well, it’s because it makes you feel good,
and lots of things can do that to you,
but then you have to live with guilt and
wish that you were different,
and realize that you aren’t and never ever will be.
But take a second chance because,
you can’t give one to someone, and not to any other.
So when you come back we’ll
sit again, in our ruins behind the building,
and you’ll tell me how you loved her,
but she turned and then betrayed you
and now you’ve come back again,
to love me like you used to, because I can do things for you
that can’t be done by others.
And I smile as all around us
bombs burst
upon our shadowed skin,
and feel your fingers trailing,
as I tell you that its all right
and you never left for nothing,
because you hate to not see conflict;
its suddenly just to fragrant
for your lusty ridden eyes.
And I’m telling you now,
that I know.
I’m telling you now,
that yes, you see,
I know.

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