Watch Me In the Moonlight

November 20, 2008
By Casey Larsen, Astoria, NY

In the moonlight strikes a memory filled with gold

Not too new not too old

In the eyes of the portrayer wanders afar

Leaving me desperate in this war

Seeking a passion that died not too long ago

In the moonlight it seems to glow

The war is ablaze in the moonlight

Only me no one else’s sight

The sights I see uncanny, too aware

Leaving my soul too weary to care

Living each day under circumstance

That the moonlight will show its evil glance

Make me see the perplexing reverie

Of someone who is but a reflection of me

In the moonlight’s glow upon floor

Mercy me God, oh please some more

Spare him from the dazzling evil glance

Don’t make him see the moonlight’s dance

As it shines through his window when he slumbers

It will come in large numbers

To consume his soul

Please moonlight, do console

For the everlasting bit of the child

Do not let the moonlight run wild

For he shall not seek to find the supremacy

He does not know the nemesis

The moonlight shone very bright

Leaving all asleep at night

For me

It is hell as I sleep

The angst of living to protect

Makes my life inept

So child watch the moonlight dance on your window

Don’t step forward if you don’t know

How bright the moon does glow

The moonlight

Will console your strife

And consume your life

Child wait for me in the moonlight

Watch me in the moonlight

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