Picture Poem

November 20, 2008
The sun is bright and hot.
My skin tingles as the rays of the sun touch my skin.
My feet are tired from walking around all day around in high hills.

My dress to long even with high hills hits the rocky ground below me. The spaghetti straps on my dress don’t help with the irritating heat. But at least I know I look my best on this special day. Today I am finally fifteen; although I don’t feel any different. I smile at the camera as I wait for the flash not because I need to but because I'm happy.

My light pink dress was decorated with silver flowers that shinned with an in tense glimmering spark as the sun touches them. My hair, which at one point earlier in the day was full of curls, was now just wavy.

Jeydi my best friend is at my side. Her long hair, like water falls reached her elbows. Her new black spaghetti strap dress, the same color of her hair made her delicate face stand out even more.

She wore her favorite her favorite necklace of La Virgen De Guadalupe that day. She always wears to protect herself from harm. Then she looks at the camera with a warm smile in her face.

My sister Janet wears a purple ribbon with her hair up. Her hair is black as the night sky like mine reaches at her shoulders. Her dress is shockingly still white with a swirl of light purple at he bottom. Jeydi's left hand is at her shoulder.

Her chocolate colored skin a lighter color than mine. Her black eyes look filled with boredom, but she manages a small smile on her face before the camera flashes.

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