My Picture Poem

November 20, 2008
By Ivett Pascual SILVER, Astin, Texas
Ivett Pascual SILVER, Astin, Texas
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They were calling names out
They were in the letter “M”
I was just waiting for them
To call the letter “P”
Because of the letter of my last name
I was so nervous my feet’s were shaking
And my hands were sweating
My heart beeping trillions times a second

I herd my name
I stoop up and walk towards the stage
My mind was blank, I wasn’t thinking
Of anything important
I was just thinking
I am a mature girl know
Walking and my heart beeping
Another trillion times

The stage, I was surprise of how the stage look like
It wasn’t decorated that good before
Was it because of the special moment?

I walk up to the stage
And I look at a lot of people that surrounded
The entire gym
They clap at me
It felt very good inside my heart

A big smile came out of my face
It was an amazing smile
I grab my diploma
The principal huge me and told me
Thanks was the magic word
In that moment

The beautiful red roses that I was holding
With my delicate hands
Roses meant to me that my parents were proud of me
My small black dress
That fit me like those mannequins in the store
My long curly black hair
That didn’t want to stay
It took me one hour to have them

The tree that I would never see again
The beautiful flowers that I would never see again
To light up my life
The windows that I used as a mirror
Every time I passed trough
The beautiful designs that the floor had
And that I would never step again

The sign that I was going to be someone with strength for the rest
Of my life…

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