I am

November 20, 2008
By Janette Rosas, Austin, TX

I am
Fragile as glass
If you drop me
I break and shatter all over the place
Where people can step on you
And yet get hurt as well

I am
A Mona Lisa picture
A small smile that can get someone’s attention
And get them to think, about the beautiful painting in front of them

I am
The hurting wound on someone’s body
Screaming to be taken care of before getting infected
And slowly dieing before your very own eyes

I am
The bandage that covers a wound
Small and fragile
Stuck to your body, helping your body recover slowly with time

I am
The favorite warm and fluffy blanket that you throw onto your body
Helping overpass the long and cold winter

I am
The rays of the sun
Warm during the windy days
And comforting during the picnic days

I am
The perfect me

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