My Forest

November 20, 2008
By Ariana Daniel, Fayetteville, AR

Under a canopy of trees
With my head in my hands
Feeling the breeze pick up my hair
And brush my neck the way you did
It carries away my tears
It just pushes them off my face
It wraps around me and it keeps me warm
It takes me somewhere else
A world with you still in it
A world where it’s just like it used to be
A world where you’re alive

In a way it is you
It didn’t replace you, it really is you
You really moved the hair from my face
You really brushed away my tears
You kept me warm

In a forest with no one else
In a bare forest you try to show me
Show me that you’re still here and you still love me
You blow the leaves around
I imagine a familiar tune
Our tune, our love song
I barely whisper the words
Wishing you were here
Wishing you could make this a duet and
Hoping you are listening
Hoping you remember the words

The more I sing, the stronger my voice seems
All of a sudden, I realize what I’m doing
Crying the words into an empty forest
Wishing and hoping for just one more sign

As if on cue the wind blows
It blows so hard I think I’m dreaming
Like a voice screaming to get out
Screaming to say what it needs to be heard
I slow my breathing and wait

There I sit, at your grave
There, where I imagine you’re still alive
There, where I’ll always truly be
Singing our song and talking to you

An empty forest except for two
An empty forest made just for you

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