A Sudden Truth

November 20, 2008
By Stefanee Biedenkapp, Hillsdale, NJ

Picture me blind from my music
And from every single sudden stare

Blinded by these clear tears
Accumulating and always so near

Every song has a meaning and relates to me in some way
Just the simple sound of the beat seems to open up a secret passage way

Where the tears just so suddenly start to flow from the beat in every line sung
Seeming to torment me in every way possible once it’s begun

Where my dreams seem like reality
In this place inside my head

Where we know, but worry about yesterday
And there is nothing more needed to be said

The mistakes that we have clearly made
Is what haunts me day by day

The constant memory repeating in my head
But why worry about what’s ahead

Do we not tend to learn from out mistakes in the near end?
What is this so called life without mistakes?
Nothing but a utopia with no decisions to make

In reality in this not so perfect world
There seems to be more than what we are looking for

Within darkness of light there is nothing more to tell
But the obvious, the bright side to this upsetting tale
Everything seems to work out in the misleading end

Where everything gone wrong seems to perfectly mend

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