November 20, 2008
By Samantha Spratt, Addieville, IL

She walks up the hall
Looking all around
Their eyes meet
She loses her breath

He walks down the hall
Trying to find her gaze
Their eyes lock
He can't look away

The day went by
Both couldn't keep the other off their mind
The clocked ticked away
Both wait for the end of the day

She walked to her locker
He was there
She couldn't fight back the tears
It is time to face her greatest fear

He saw her walking towards
A lump formed in his throat
He needed to explain the past
He had to win her back

They stared into each other's eyes
Memories flying past
The night he lied to her
Shattering their pact

She listened to his words
Her head against her heart
The love she had for him
Had never really stopped

He dried her tears with his hand
Explained that dreadful night
When he wasn't his true self
And went against his heart

A night so long ago
A party went a stray
She walked in on him
With another face

She listened to his plea
And grabed his clamy hand
She didn't say a word
He could understand

And with a nod of his head
Forgetting all he dread
He pulled her into an embrace
With a wide smile across his face

They walked out the school
Hand in hand
No longer apart
With half mended hearts

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