November 20, 2008
If i cannot understand, how can i claim to shun!

If it is not in my power to absorb, how can i dissolve!

The queries in my head aplenty

Society brings forth no answers

Tradition; followed like many sheep to slaughter

Yet, unprepared are we to question

Who are we to thank for our creation

Mystery is a guarentee

Simple science and explosive thought

or heavenly intervention shrouded in uncertainty

Bring forth the answers to my questions

And quench my doubtful mind of other options

You shall find in me only then

A willing follower in your beliefs

But until then i shall not bow

Stoop, sit below or fold hands before

A figurine in stone, wood, glass or paper

A book considered holy but written by man’s hand

Allow me the freedom to question as i am bound to

In the face of the crossroads society placed me

By virtue of time of my birth in an era

Of brilliance of mind and excellence in science

I was born to ask you why?

And yet i am placed before my mirror

I ask myself, what holds me back

Is it the the repeated preachings of those who lived before me?

I cling to my disbelief but am entangled in customs contrary

I run forward on an axis spinning backward

I cannot claim to be amongst your flock

Nor can i be excluded from your numbers

I am standing still in a throng that pushes me

Still trying to find my belief

But until i choose a path, i cannot be lead astray

So stop forcing your beliefs upon me

I cannot be convinced by force

I cannot be confused by untruths

I cannot be led by godmen

I shall try and find the thread of truth

Amongst the curtains created by your faiths

Until then i shall deal with my mind

And its inconsistancies

While i shirk the beliefs of some

And cradle close the beliefs of others

I continue to condemn myself

Indulging in the hypocrisy i detest

I am the epitome of confusion

I am the at the pinnacle of self doubt

Waiting for the moment of truth,

Should it come from facts and science

Or a blaze of light from the skies!

I wait in eternal quest of the truth…

All the while encumbered by hypocrisy - my self proclaimed disease!

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