compare to learn

November 20, 2008
By harley blake, Collier, WV

To feel a summers warmth and compare it to a winters chill isn’t a easy thing to do … imposable to compare two things so sweet so pure but so different… so how do we end up doing this hard task everyday we make a choice and change our views with each day we learn more and become more of who and what we are… to make a choice so bold as to care for someone and let them in is the hardest choice to make… how to completely trust another? To know so well who they are… to trust with your sacred hearts and thoughts and not even completely know yourself.. But to look into someone’s eyes and deep into there souls and know you made the right choice to say your love is real and your trust is in them… is then when you can say you are truly happy but you can never stop comparing to stop comparing is to stop learning and to stop learning is to never know the real you and to never know the real you is to never know the true happiness and love you can bring to the one you love…

The author's comments:
hay im harley and since i wa 5 ive wated to write poetry and be published for people my poetry and love it and feel close to it i want people to be able to relate to my poetry and i have the best boyfriend in the whole world i love you tyler m graham forever and always harley

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