The Awakened Heart

November 19, 2008
By Brenda Li, Cupertino, CA

He crept up behind you,
a chilly breath he blew,
the air came out of his pale, chapped lips,
onto your shoulder, your hair shivering at the tips.
You become silent with fear, afraid to turn around.
Behind you, the stranger, too, made no sound.
The atmosphere was thick with your anxiety, frozen in air.
Your thoughts become frantic, you hopes of surviving thin as a hair.
There you two stood, the moment spent in stillness,
until you couldn't take it anymore, it was like an illness.
So slowly, you turned, turned to face him,
there the man stood, still missing a limb.
His eyes were still like a vulture, blue and filmy on top.
And the beating of his heart got louder and louder, it did not stop.
His voice came out as a wrangled whisper as he gasped "You.."
And then he stepped forward, to cut short that final breath you drew.

The author's comments:
Follow-up to "The Tell-Tale Heart", by Edgar Allan Poe

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