Dear Best Friend

November 19, 2008
By Nichole Meyer BRONZE, Manteca, California
Nichole Meyer BRONZE, Manteca, California
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You walk around holding your head up high
High for now until someone breaks you down
Now you know how it feels to be alone wanting to die
Now one cares what you think or what you say
Your just another accessory in their little game of lust
Trust me honey its not love your feeling
Your nothing special or someone to be missed
Your another pon about to be cut
Just wait, this is the easy part
Wait til the knife goes thru and your sufficating
Holding your hand out desperately trying to grasp hope
Then your best friend gives you a sinister smile and pushes you over the edge
Now you’ve done it. You mastered deciet and betrayal and the dagger turned on you
You thought they’d be there for you and once again, they’re not
Welcome to my life sweetie
Love, loss, and murder
That’s what it’s about
And it was foolish of you to think of anything less

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