Lovely Dreams

November 19, 2008
Heart dead.
soul in hand.
drowning in
a bloody ocean.
pain swimmng in
an endless flow.
rust stained razor
dropping to a stone bottom.
water rains down.
life dripping away.
an undying abyss.
screeching white light.
soundless black darkness.
coming to take
what soul belongs to him
so pale.
no life blooming.
lifeless in illuminating
death never tasted so
sudden cold feels the room.
his breath
wispy as the air
surrounding us.
he speaks
but is not heard.
horrible screehing.
menacing darkness.
was this manifestation
of death
a reality?
could this have
been death wanting
to be a salvation
from a seering infestation
of daily pain?
it seems this
may have just been
one of my many
Lovely Dreams.

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