November 19, 2008
By Stefanee Biedenkapp, Hillsdale, NJ

In something of a dream
Seeming to escape from clear mentality

In this classification of a ream
Now lost hopelessly in fatality
Giving back nothing but a puff of steam

Will there be a clearing for this so called reality?
Or is it just something of a sudden scheme
But nothing is ever with formality

In this forever eternity as it seems
With all the horrid duality
Of nothingness in between

But all there seems to be is morality
In this something of a dream
Where everything is in actuality

Where you can do anything but redeem
But to find your own mentality
Or what is left of it, as it may now seem

You might get lost in the deceiving normality
Confusing everything and nothing in between
With the sudden fatality

Realizing that you are lost within your own dream

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