In The Morning (12:13)

November 19, 2008
By christine winder, Louisa, VA

Turn out all the lights
Sing and dance in your own spotlight
No one can stop you now
No way no how
Cause you're playing with the shadows
At 12:13 in the morning

Speeding up and slowing down
Your world is what you make it now
Your own rules and your own games
Cause all your friends think you're insane
When they're fast asleep in dreamland
And you're awake, catching stars in your hands

Do you dare sneak out and chase your dreams
Down avenues and busy streets?
No you're much too good for that, little girl
You don't do things on your own will
You're strapped and chained to indoor walls
You're much too afraid to fall
And bruise and break
And find out what your heart can take

But at 12:13 in the morning
You're wide awake and become your own person
In your own little world, in your secret quiet life
Just you and the music and the crazy beautiful moonlight

This is when you sing your high notes
Step outside and put on your show
Make history. Be literal.
This moment could be pivotal
But I guess you'll never know
If you sit on your window instead of the roof
If you sing in the shower instead of on stage
If you take to the side car and forfeit the wheel
But at 12:13 in the morning this is when you decide
What exactly your life will be like.

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