Midnight Blues

November 19, 2008
By Haylee Hammond, Mcdonough, GA

Will morning bring a brand new tune
Are steady play the midnight blues
Was love or lust I could not choose
So I stay up wondering about me and you
My body sways, but I do not move
Only my heart skips a beat to match the groove
I want the sun to rise, but now is to soon
For as time goes on I learn from the midnight blues
My problems I ponder as the rhythm continues
My mind becomes complicated a feeling confused
But the song keeps on playing, setting the mood
Though I've hardened my heart, to the tune I still lose
Full of sorrow and hate, and yet still so smooth
Something so beautiful, played in order to soothe
So as my heart slows its beating, and my mind renewed
No longer is the need for these midnight blues

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