Colder Calculations

November 19, 2008
By Kah Yangni, Richmond, TX

The metallic sensors embedded in his brain tell him that I am here.
Metal eyes gleaming in metal sockets, he reads me-
The Human. So weak, soft. So silly.
So inferior.
He comes to these conclusions in milliseconds, the coding in his hard drive printing them in neat binary on the lit screens of his eyes. How mathematically, how efficiently he evaluates the world- sees and criticizes its ugliness and falseness, and places them in tidy boxes of senseless comprehension.
I, too, see him- the mechanical perfection of his form, empty of any pesky hope or petty feeling.
I smile.
The cogs in his brain turn, engines whirring. He struggles to understand me.
I yearn to say something- something to alter his conclusion, change the output. But I don’t. He wouldn’t get it, anyway.
His mind wasn’t built to understand universal truths.

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