The Past, The Present, The Future

November 19, 2008
By Minja Neal, Cordova, TN

The past equals the old, The present equals today, The future equals the new
Which one is right? What do I do?
There comes a time to face reality
When your past, present and future shall meet

Not the cardboard box life, but my equivalent you see
My pain remained deeper strife, the difference between you and me
Broken hearts and rotting teeth, what to do when dad is gone?
The floor fell from under me, this was my life all along
Had to evolve like the world over time, this wasn’t something I wanted to be
Once I’d wake up and open my eyes, I saw something I was- the old me
A simple thought races my mind, when you go to sleep alive can you wake up dead?
Then why does your past become your present, facing what most people dread.

The present is a crazy place, trapped in a fear of the unknown
Being caught in this whirlwind, is a fear all its own
My ring of prior engagements, gave time to create a new me
Secluded in my past life, the good apple on the family tree
He gave me another chance, a chance like no other
A chance not to be taken for granted, living life wondering where was my father?
I looked up to God with eyes overflowing, scared of what was coming
He said my daughter “Dry your eyes, and don’t ever be afraid to dream”
Behind every cloudy day is the future and its silver lining

I’m closer to my future than I was yesterday
It won’t always look bright to me when I’m looking from today.
I say to those who don’t believe I will be someone GREAT
The painful days are done for me you just sit back and wait
My mothers here, I feel no remorse except for the fact she didn’t try;
The lack of what she didn’t do, and all the prominent lies
I’m going to become what I knew I could from the start…
A millionaire of the mind and a billionaire of the heart.

The past equals the old, The present equals today, The future equals the new
Which one was right? What did I do?
There came a time when I had to face reality
When my past, present, and future came to be…

The author's comments:
This poem is of personal encounters, and personal battles. It shows the growth of me from my past to where I am today and where I want to be. I hoped that by writing this poem I would inspire people who'd been in the same situations to know that life doesn't end here. There is ALWAYS more to look forward to.

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