My Mind

November 19, 2008
By Alexzandra Deacon, Aroura, CO

Finding thoughts oozing out through a gate locking my mind out to the world.

Protecting it with no release.

Words going in my ears, falling throw the gate, then releasing it out of my mouth never to return.

Thinking of odd, dismembered things never listening to the real things in life.

Behind the gate to my mind lies a window to watch the world, around me knowing my mind will never be released to the world.

Thoughts rolling in and out a gate that locks out things to pass a grade.

Locking everything out, never to find the key for my mind to be free.

Finding my favorite words slipping out of my mouth telling me a secret code to find the key to unlock my mind.

When I find the key, my mind will be free till the end.

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