November 19, 2008

Four point oh g.p.a. seemed to have no effect
On informing her of her decision’s defect
Now doctors are telling her she’s infected
Isolated, socially rejected

She is your daughter, your sister, your mother
All too trusting of a previous lover
Blame falls purely to society
For portraying an image of reliability

It’s an epidemic
Preventable through academics
A lesson in awareness
One most choose not to express

We live in a time of skepticism
Where our lives are controlled by things such as racism
A prejudiced assumption based on individuality
Separates everyone from the reality

The facts are too vague
Now lives fall victim to this plague
We're preoccupied,
Too naive to realize

That it’s not about whether you’re gay, straight, black or white
Its about our cultures uniting, standing up, willing to fight
For the lives that are being taken
Yet here we stand completely unshaken

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