Sestina For You

November 19, 2008
By Kelly Wachsmuth, Mt Prospect, IL

Look at us. We should be together
Our smiling faces
Completely fearless
Better than any dream
Better than any song
I should be happy

Am I happy?
We’re supposed to be together
As in love as your song
As cheerful as your smiling face
As lovely as a dream
But instead, I’m full of fear

It’s fathomless fear
Because you make me happy
I want to be in this perfect dream
Of us, together
Our touching faces
Singing a love song

It could be our song
But why the fear?
If I could only see your face
I would be more than happy
If we could be together
This would truly be a dream

I would be in such a wonderful dream
With this, our song
While we’re together
I have none of this fear
And all of this happiness
Set in a smile on my face

With our smiling faces
Now a broken dream
I want to be happy
To sing our song
But instead, fear
Of not being together

I want us together, in this dream
To see your face, and hear our song
But how can I erase this fear and be happy?

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