The World I Come From

November 18, 2008
By Ariella Cooley, Los Altos Hills, CA

I started sizing up the world the moment I was born into it,
And will surely continue until the moment I leave it.
Early on, I unconsciously decided to forfeit
My worry of imperfection or trivial detriment.
The world I come from is a kaleidoscope of color,
A Warhol-meets-Rockwell impression of earth or
Maybe it’s my own Pollack-inspired canvas,
With an accompanying soundtrack that sounds a little like Elvis.
Life on this side is a metaphorical beach
With perfect rolling waves and a shoreline you can never reach
Because it’s not a necessity to wade in the water,
Only to enjoy the sandy walk over.
And over, and over, and over I see
So many places and faces that might perfectly describe me
But in the world I come from you cannot
Ever exclude anything from the melting pot
That meshes all the things you love into one pith,
An atmosphere different from what you began with.

The world I come from is vibrant and lively
Nourishing, complimentary, and would never deprive me
Of seeing the things it’s always taught me to witness
The simplicity of love, the power of forgiveness
I have no real need for Dickens to let Tiny Tim
Explain the meaning of Christmas or the consequence of sin
Because the world that I come from clearly explains
How to enjoy the ride and love the game
That we play for no prize, no bragging rights or glory
But for ourselves and our own personal love story
Of how to love who we are and what it is we do
And to believe in whatever we attempt to pursue.

My own pursuits, I can confide in you
Can be simply summed up in a will to continue
Exploring, and reaching, and finding new ways
To better my knowledge a little each day.
I require no lengthy Thomas Hardy-like plan
To express my intent to do all that I can
To continue to grow, and to learn, and to love
Just as in that world I’ve been speaking of.
And because of that world and my will to discover
I feel there’s much more that I’ve yet to uncover.

The author's comments:
This poem was written as an assignment, as a college essay. I haven't sent it to any colleges because I will be attending the local community college in the fall, but I'm proud of it and believe it can stand on it's own as a piece of poetry, rather than just something written to fufill a requirement.

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