Grotesquely Placid

November 19, 2008
By Seth Hilaski, Spring Lake, MI

Sunlight dots thick grass
As trees sway in a light breeze
Leaves rustle off their branches
And gently float
Toward the still lake below
Mischievous squirrels dance
Across the lawn like playful children
Stress collected over the day
Flows out of me, replaced
With a serene consciousness
This feeling is bolstered
As I watch two swans gently glide
Across the water

I shift my vision to the road and
Witness a fatal car crash
The road, now painted crimson
Reflects a scene of utter chaos
Vehicles once whole,
Now atrocious heaps of metal
People once living,
Now frigid and breathless

A thought suddenly drills its way
Into my mind

Life is Sacred

Life is Fragile

Enjoy it while you can

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