November 18, 2008
By Taylor Boren, Dallas, TX

The colors of my rainbow,

For Orange is the color of oranges,
A fruit that I so love.

And Red is the color of ruppies,
So shiny and bright.

Blue is the color of the ocean,
Which depths are deep with water.

Pink is the color of Strawberry Ice Cream,
That's a favorite treat of me and others.

And Maroon is the bands on my braces,
The darker color of red.

These are the colors of my rainbow,
Light Blue,
Lime Green,

Light Blue is the color of the sky,
34,000 feet high.

And Lime Green the color of...limes?
(No kidding)Their soury goodness?

For Black the color of Spike,
My kitten so curious and playful.

Gold, the color of the sunset,
So beautiful that ends our day.

And White the color of the shining stars,
Always shining so far away.

The final colors of my rainbow,

Silver is the moon,
Our gaurdian light at night.

Brown represents chcolate chip cookies,
The Muffin Man's best invention.

For Yellow is our smiling sun,
The light that guides our universe.

Turquiose the color of my eyes,
Sparkeling with a writer's passion.

And Peach is the color of the sunrise,
That starts our everyday life.

You see, there are many, many colors all over the world. They all have there own meanings and ways.
But these are the colors of MY rainbow.

The author's comments:
I always see all the colors around me. Heck, everyone always SEE'S the colors around them, few people actually NOTICE them.
For example, the othe day me and my mom were driving down the street and we passed all this construction going on (that's D
owntown Dallas for ya) and I really noticed for the first time, even though I'm turning 15 years old in a week, I really noticed (again, for the first time) that the colors for construction work (signs, billboards, caution road things, etc.) are orange and white. I mean, think about it. Sure, you drive by those colors all the time, but you've never actually thought "Hey...that color is orange. Oh, hey, that's orange and white together!".
I've had a lot of moments like that this past year. That day, the day I wrote this, I really just wanted to write about all my colors and what they mean to me. All the colors in the world really are amazing when you think about it.
Now it's your turn. Today, all the colors you go by everyday, the colors in your room, the colors of your eyes, the colors all around the world, I want you to really NOTICE them. For real, don't just think "Oh yeah that chick was right, that wall is purple." I want you to THINK about it.
And, you know what? Start with thinking about how this background is white. Have you ever really noticed it before??

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