Why Do You Listen?

November 18, 2008
By Missouri Johnson, Bon Aqua, TN

I have a speech to all that care. You say you don't, but I go on. We have imprisoned ourselves in the worldly methods. shopping, T.V., toys, internet. Is nothing natural, sacred?
What is the meaning of this? Have we completely disowned our heritage? Are we nothing more than robots in white-washed communities? Do we honestly care for others than ourselves? You say you are different, but look at ourself! Can you not see the being you've become? You shout out that you don't care for my speech, then why are you listening?

The author's comments:
What inspird me to write this piece is that the whole world, my school, family, town, is so absorbed in the possessions of this world. I mean, it's okay to like things, but we just need to remember that we won't be here forever.

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