What's Your Problem?

November 18, 2008
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What's your problem?
I did nothing to you.
Don't judge me,
Not knowing what's true.

If you think I've changed,
All because of him.
You're totally deluded,
And more than a little dim.

Don't use that tone,
I know what it means.
Just leave me alone,
You useless fiend.

Don't smile at me,
Don't say hello.
I can see through you,
I know what lies below.

You say you're a friend,
But you're nothing of the kind.
I can't believe you think,
I'm really that blind.

Since you betrayed me,
There's no going back.
I'm not sticking around,
To take your flack.

Don't you get it?
That was the final straw.
Leave me alone,
I don't know you anymore.

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