November 19, 2008
Remember the first to me we really talked;
the things we laughed about
Remeber the first time we time we hung out;
the way I made it akward
Remember the first time you really looked at me;
how i felt nothing could be better
Remember the first time you held my hand;
the way the butterflies spun around in my stomach
Remember the first time you kissed me;
the way my heart jumped into my throat
because you caught me off guard
even though it was all I had been hoping for
Remember the first time you held me;
nothing could pry us apart
Remember the day you had to go back;
the last thing i wanted to say was goodbye
Remember the first itme you told me you loved me;
I cjouldnt figure out why you waited until after you were gone to say it
Remember the first time you talked to me about her;
how it was too late for me to turn back, I had already fallen for you
Remember when you complained about her;
sadly it made me happy
Remember when you said "i want our relationship to progress;
I said "whats the point when your in another one?"
Remember when you said we should just be friends because we wernt going anywhere;
I felt hurt but relieved
Remember how you turned around the next day saying "baby I love you";
I was more confused than I had ever been
Remember those days you went without talking to me ;
how badly it hurt me
I know you probably dont remember half of any of this
but I wanted you to know even though you've forgotten.. i havn't
And no matter how much I try I can't
I know I wont get over you until I do

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