A Deadly Beauty

November 19, 2008
By Isabelle Todd, Memphis, TN

My eyes, piercing and vigilant, gleam of clearest emerald,
As the lives of unsuspecting innocents,
oblivious to their impending doom,
are instantly stifled by my fatal grip

My body, enveloped in a blanket of deep caramels and pools of ebony,
proves an elegant disguise

In agility and fortitude, I am unsurpassed even by the Olympian,
Whose speed, however swift, is incomparable to mine.

Meat- raw, ripe, and succulent, is my dietary preference;
While the lush, green canopy of my dwelling is less desirable.

I am a true testament to the idea that beauty can be deadly,
That appearances deceive

I am a seductress- and cereal killer, yet
only in captivity am I confined by bars.

Wise is the one who mummers my name.

The author's comments:
The above poem is a riddle, and because I'd hate to leave you guessing,I'm referring to a leopard.

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