Moonlight Sorrow

November 18, 2008
By CattIntheHat BRONZE, Auburn, Washington
CattIntheHat BRONZE, Auburn, Washington
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walking through the moonlight sorrow
longing for no tomorrow
she rests beside a lonely shore
thinking of her lifes score
then a shadow a casts her way
pushing all her thoughts at bay
slowly she looks over her shoulder
only to spy a boulder
glancing forward to her surpise
stood a man, she would realize
with elvin features elegant and cold
dark eyes so captivating and bold
her heart races with dread
as he bares his fangs, intentions blood red
closer he draws, his breath on her throat
she gives a cry, a broken note
plunging deep into her vein
none left to leave a stain
she walked through the moonlight sorrow
never again will she see tomorrow
resting beside a lonely shore
not know this to be the last score

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