When I looked at you in the eyes

November 18, 2008
When I looked at you in the eyes,
I saw flowers,
I saw sunshine,
from the bright, yellow sun.
I saw sparkles in my eyes.

The sight of heaven,
And love.
You put a smile among my face,
And I became blind,
With the goodness surrounding us.

Your beautiness made me shine,
When I looked at you in the eyes.
I felt comfort and joy.
Relaxation and love.
Joyful. and happiness,
And the heavens above us.
Just in the sight of your eyes.

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blondeninja said...
Nov. 27, 2008 at 1:52 am
its wonderful,
my poems are dark, demented, or good with love but they dont rhyme
good rymeing
if i could type..
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