Oh Mother Of Mine

November 18, 2008
Oh how i hate you
you and your pitiful lies
just to
get by in life
when there is nothing
you haven't taken
from everyone.
wasted life
and my precious time
oh mother of mine
and how you can
claim you took care of me
It enrages my soul
just to know
you are still being your
parasite self-
sucking the life and
out of everyone.
Nothing but a con
we had is
my love for you left when
you chose the drugs
over your children.
Oh mother of mine
how you sicken me
you and your pitiful object
you call life;
Look what you've done to me!
I have scars
don't you see?
Don't you care?!
Oh mother of mine
you would not take the time
to look at me
from the inside-
there lie my scars and all
my shattered pieces
that i have tried to
piece together
all by myself.
Raising my siblings
for you
you were too stoned to
we had no food-
raising my siblings
oh mother of mine
should not have been my purpose
my reason for being.
Oh mother of mine
how you make me so SICK!
I hate you for all the right reasons
and i am
truly sorry to say
there is no room
for me to love you

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LuckyOne said...
Nov. 25, 2008 at 3:29 pm
I'm so sorry to hear that you had to deal with a mother like that. I have a friend who has a situation almost identical. I really am sorry and I hope things get better. This poem was phenomenal though. It really struck cords in my heart. You have a way with words.
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