November 18, 2008
isnt it funny howw we ignore the ones who adore us
and love the ones who ignore us
isnt it funny how you cant be your self
and the only is to dress like them
isnt it funny how you never look for the positives
and only so the negatives
isnt it funny how your pushed from group to group
and cant be friends with everyone
isnt it fuuny how hellos are fake
and goodbyes are real
isnt it fuuny how people say "forever"
but truly forever doesnt exist
isnt it funny how everyone is fack
and no one can be true
isnt it funny how much you would forget if you you forgot your past
yet you wouldnt care
isnt it funny how ironic life is
but the funniest part of this is none of this is funny to me

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Lucky One said...
Nov. 25, 2008 at 3:31 pm
That is so earthshatteringly true.
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