A Smile for my Pain

November 18, 2008
untold stories
unsolved mysteries
unanswered questions
no there to help me
to guide and teach
no one in reach
to listen and advise
truth covered with lies
mistaken weakness for strength
broken spirit trying to heal within
torn away from happiness
heart scorned from helplessness
bitter-sweet memories
a constant reminder to me
of all that i had
of how life supposed to be
anger-filled heart
broken and unprotected
desperate no love
feeling alone and neglected
a tear river for my joy
as it soon gets sucked dry
a laugh for all the times i
cried out "WHY?!"
a sick-twisted world
how it contradicts your emotions
puppet-string bound as your soul
is unable to control them
they always said there will be
sunshine after rain
no one ever told me there will be
a smile for my pain

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DesertFlower said...
Nov. 24, 2008 at 3:54 am
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