November 18, 2008
By Jasmin James, New City, NY

After coming up the rusty stairs and crossing
The labyrinth which is her hallway
A young girl walks to the window in her room
Which is more than spacious and
Glances at a tiny book that closely resembles a
Journal with a weird script lying pointlessly
On her table with other random things

Observing the beautiful sunset outside she
Sees the past year of her life float in front of her eyes
Suddenly the gorgeous blue-green eyes fill with tears.

She remembered her two older sisters,
And how the three of them enjoyed their free-time,
How much fun they had until she wrote mean
Things about them which then spread like wild fire.

Standing there she didn’t notice the time pass by
She kept regretting the things that happened.
Before she knew it, it was dark outside
And soon enough she observed the full moon rise.

As the bright moonlight reflected in her eyes
Hope regained in her mind and assured her that
Everything would be fine again…

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