The Football Game

November 18, 2008
By Jonas Gassmann, Columbia, MO

It was third and fourteen
we were down by eighteen
and there was 9:24 left to go

The quarterback dropped back,
and threw a perfect pass
but it bounced of the wide reciever

We had to go for it,
and surprisingly enough we made it
but then our running back got hit and dropped it

Now it was desperation time,
and crazily enough our defense did just fine
the first play of the drive we got a safety

then on our drive back we scored again
our coach yelled "good job men!"
for even though it was only a field goal we were coming back

Now there was 7:56 left to go in the game
the offense was pumped, and the defense was the same
and just like that we got another safety

Our drive back took alot of the clock
but it was worth it because our qaurterback through the rock
and we scored a touchdown to cut the lead to four

We had to stop them quick
and get the ball to Mick
so we could score a touchdown and win the game

With 50 seconds left (and no timeouts)
we had to make a stop
and that's when I saw the ball floating tword me

This was my chance
and you know I grabbed it
to be the star of the game

I made the interception
and ran it back into the endzone,
I had scored the touchdown that won the game!

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