Only By Hope

November 18, 2008
By Jordan Gonzales SILVER, Sacramento, California
Jordan Gonzales SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Refusing to recognize the crater left
Refusing to acknowledge the wonders lost, the joy left uncelebrated
Refusing to stay in the past, refusing to mourn the one lost

Forced to move on, without any sign of light, of a shimmer
Forced toward the burning path of coals that is:
Turmoil - no, pain…undying pain,
Anger - no, sadness…untreatable sadness
Depression - no, disappointment…crushing disappointment

It is only by will, only by hurt, only by hope…
That I’m not overcome with despair
Only by hope…

The author's comments:
Only By Hope was written at night. With that being said, this poem could be regarded as a confirmation of the existence of the feelings mentioned in this poem. During the day, these feelings are virtually non-existent, overcome by the day to day business of life. Yet during the darkness of night, like a bat coming out of its cave, these feelings present themselves. This poem is written to expose these feelings, to drag out the bat and present it to the daytime world. In doing so, these feelings are no longer an ashamed confession, softly whispered in the night, but affirmed legitimate feelings. In recognizing this transformation, the feelings are no longer a hideous creature of the night, but a mundane fish swimming in the sea of emotions that are present in the human lifespan.

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