November 17, 2008
Years behind walls placed in my head and my heart.
Walls that I placed there.
To keep me safe.
Yet trapped from the world.

Away from all the pain.
As well as all the pleasure.
Never giving anyone the chance,
To climb them or break them down.

Alone in a world filled with people.
I screamed but no one heard.
I cried but no one saw.
I felt but no one else did.

And then you came.
You quieted my screams.
Wiped away my tears.
You felt my pain.

You took the time to break the wall.
You cared enough to find the real me.
The one I locked away deep within myself.
The me that was to scared to be seen.

You love the side no one else would.
You protect me when no one else does.
You make me feel as if I am important.
As if I am beautiful.

I trust you with everything I am.
With everything I am not.
You are the other half of me.
The half that I didn’t know was missing.

I fell in love with you.
Almost from the start.
But you have so much more,
than just my heart.

You have my body.
You have my mind.
You have my soul.
You have all of me.

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