Once Is Enough to End You

November 17, 2008
By Anonymous

You're high again, in another land
It’s like one of those rainy days
When you can’t even play Jax
Without the ball rolling away
Or bouncing hard off of your hand.
And even if you tried to play
You couldn't because your hands shake
Just a little too much, so you lose grip.

You're in a place
Where cats sound like sirens
And dogs can fly
Then spiders get mixed up in your eyes
Webbing illusions, a magic lens.

Then you wonder why the hell you didn’t take
That pretty pink pill
Or was it blue?
Hell, you’re just too tired

It’s nothing you could describe
When it tears your insides out
Then it toys with your intestines
Like marionette strings.
It sings “Kumbaya”
And plays your arteries
Like they're some type of bagpipes
Just to spite you.
And when you complain
It just squeezes the cords together
As if to say
"Don't mess with me
I could end you."

There's no escape.

It’s like your head rolls off
Then your friends go running after it
Only to kick it, accidentally
And cause you to scream.
You're still alive
At least, barely.

And you don't want them to see it
Because the insides are rotting through
But they look anyway.
And you scream at them to turn away
And most do
Then you're sad, but there is only one
Who tries to help you
Then you're enraged again.

You think, one isn't enough for you
One is never enough
But you don't know yet
This person is a true friend.

Lonely, your body lays there
Only a headless corpse
Without any true identity
‘cause you see.
Without your face you’re nothing
But a bag of bones
And you’ve fooled yourself all these years
Whispering, persuading yourself
That beauty is only skin deep.
Worms crawl inside
And your head is rolling
And your mind’s blown up
So what beauty is left?

Tell me,
What beauty is left?
Even when YOU
Don't feel beautiful?
You can no longer hide
And you wish
To kill the truth
But your arms can't move
When the veins are pumped with acid.

It’s crazy
As the room spins
Screaming your name
You're cemented
To the ground
And you're dead
Bugged out
The worst has happened
That fact is true.

And you just think back on
That one friend
Who stuck by you
A mourner
But they can't even help you
Because it's over
The needles and the thread
Cut by the Fates.

But they still say life giving words
And take your hands
Your body reanimates
And your not dead
Your mouth is agape
They whisper again
Embrace you
And say
"In you, my friend
I never lost faith."

The author's comments:
As teens, we're tempted to do things that maybe we shouldn't do. Sometimes we may get stuck in it and not know what to do to get out. Whether we want to or not there is a time we have to stop, but we just don't know how sometimes. It only takes the realization (even at the last moment) that there is, in fact, one person in this entire world who cares about us, to help pull us through.
So, thank you to those who still had faith in us even when we felt like the biggest of disappointments. C:

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deadella said...
on Nov. 26 2008 at 8:50 pm
I don't really understand this poem...

=[ sorry

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